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Whether you are a high school student unsure about a direction in college, a college student preparing to enter into a new career, or an employee not feeling fulfilled in your current role, I am committed to helping you move forward.  I offer packages of four or eight coaching sessions, individual sessions and Career Exploration courses.  Embrace the Possibilities!

High School to College

9th - 12th Grade

Determining a major, much less what college or training program to attend, is one of the most difficult decisions we make. Systematically exploring the following can help you improve your focus and reduce your anxiety as you decide what is next.

  • Your unique strengths

  • Your values

  • Your interests

  • Career options and the job market 

  • Colleges and training programs

College to Career


Upperclassmen and New Grads

Finishing college can be as scary as it is exciting.  There are now many creative and systematic ways to find your career path that don't rely on sending hundreds of resumes to job postings.  In career exploration you can:

  • Determine where you would like to begin your career

  • Learn how to grow and navigate your network

  • Learn and practice techniques for resume preparation, cover letter preparation and interviewing

Career Transitions

Time for a Change

We change careers for many reasons throughout our lives, ranging from necessity to simply realizing that our current livelihood is no longer fulfilling.  Changing careers can be difficult both emotionally and logistically, also for many reasons.  Career exploration can help you find your next steps through:

  • ​Improving self-awareness of strengths, interests, values and driving forces

  • Understanding how to explore available possibilities

  • Learning how to identify and leverage networks

  • Improving your professional online profile

  • Creating a resume and practicing interview skills

High School


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